Department of Microbiology


Department of Microbiology in Rajshahi Medical College started in journey in 1959 with department of pathology as “Department of Pathology & Microbiology”

Then it was separated from Pathology in 1993 and named as Department of Microbiology and headed by Professor Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed.

The Department of Microbiology is an integrated team of investigators and educators providing leading edge education, innovative research and expertise in medical microbiology .This department has made fundamental contribution to the study of infectious disease and immunity. At present this well established, recognized department is leading by a potential leader, a skilled manager and a devoted teacher Professor Dr. Md. Shah Alam.


Department of microbiology is entrusted to teach medical microbiology which includes Bacteriology, Parasitology, Virology, Immunology & Mycology to MBBS and BDS students.

Post graduation (MPhil, Microbiology) course has been running since 2004.Every year 5 doctors can admit in this course in Rajshahi Medical College.

Microscopy to detect Bacteria, parasite & fungus.

Clinical service laboratory:

Identification of Bacteria by conventional culture method as well as by automated blood culture method (FAN) and antibiotic sensitivity test .

Different serological test to detect bacterial & viral diseases.

All doctors of Microbiology department are involved in RT-PCR laboratory in this Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Weekly Seminar: Every Monday

Subject cordination Monthly Meeting: in 1st Week of every month.

Training Program BSc in Medical Technology (Lab)

Diploma in medical Technology (Lab)

Future Plan: A modern microbiology lab is going to be set up with RT-PCR & other molecular diagnostic equipments to ensure rapid and accurate diagnosis.

On-going Research Activities:

Molecular Detection of Azithromycin Resistant R717Q Gene of Salmonella Species in Suspected Enteric Fever Cases in Rajshahi Medical College.

Antimicrobial Susceptibility and Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Reserve Drugs by Automated Culture System  in Infected Intensive Care Unit Patients in Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.

Determination of CTX-M Gene in ESBL Producing Klebsiella Species Causing Urinary Tract Infection among the Pregnant Women in  Rajshahi Medical College.

Identification of Candida Species Among Superficial  Candidal  Infections and their Antifungal   Susceptibility in Adult Patients Attending  Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.

Aerobic  Bactrial Profile of  Suspected Neonatal Septicaemia by FAN Method and Determination of MIC of Intermediate Susceptible Drugs in RMCH.

Detection of bacterial and fungal agents from chronic otitis externa with antimicrobial susceptibility in RMCH.

Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from infected Burn wound and determination of minimum inhibitory concentration of intermediate susceptible drugs from Rajshahi Medical College Hospital.


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Head of Department

Prof.Dr.Md.Shah Alam

Prof. & Head of the Department

Faculty Members

1 PROF. DR. MD. SHAH ALAM Professor See Details
2 DR. NURJAHAN BEGUM Associate Professor See Details
3 DR. MD. INTEKHAB RAHMAN Associate Professor See Details
4 DR. ROZINA AKTAR ZAHAN Assistant Professor See Details
5 DR. MAHMUDA NAZNIN Assistant Professor See Details
6 DR. NAHREEN RAHMAN Assistant Professor See Details
7 DR. FARHANA MATIN ITI Assistant Professor See Details
8 DR. MST. ROMENA KHATUN Assistant Professor See Details
10 DR. SUMONA RAISA NADI Lecturer See Details
11 DR. JARIN SAZZAD Lecturer See Details
12 DR. QUAZI TAMANNA HAQUE Lecturer See Details
13 DR. FATEMA TUZ ZOHORA Lecturer See Details
14 DR. MD. AHSANUL HAQUE Medical Officer See Details
15 KHANDKER TANVIR AHMED Computer Operator See Details
16 PANKAJ KUMAR SARKAR Office Assistant See Details
17 MD. RAFIQUL ISLAM Peon See Details