Department of Physiology


Physiology is the scientific study of the functions and mechanism which work within a living system. As a sub discipline of biology, the focus of physiology is on how organ systems, organs, cells and biomolecules carry out the chemical and physical functions that exist in a human body. Physiology is a very broad scientific discipline that sites at the heart of many related subjects. Physiological understanding is behind every medical break thought. It provides the bridge between scientific discoveries and their application to medical science.

So all aspects, physiology department of Rajshahi Medical College is entrusted to teach medical physiology in 3 different terms during first one and half year of MBBS course. The aim of teaching physiology is to make medical persons understand the normal functions of human body, the homeostatic mechanism and the functional mechanism of different systems of the body.

The motto of the department of physiology lies in our outstanding faculty, staff and students, all of them take pride in a strong committee to excellence in research and education.


i) The hematological parameters of hypertensive patient and Normotensive individual in Rajshahi – Dr. Nabila Rahman

ii) Hepatic enzymes status among the adult population and its relationship with their smoking status residing in Rajshahi city – Fateha Haque

iii) Comparative study of serum Calcium, Magnesium & alkaline Phosphatase in premenopausal & post menopausal women. – Dr. Latifa Hosna

iv) Study on serum sex hormone levels and its relationship with nutritional status of adult females in Rajshahi – Dr. Effat Ara Lipi

Weekly departmental meeting:

On every Thursday faculty members sit together for meeting. The following matters are discussed in meetings –

  1. Presence of students in different classes and their performance in item
  2. Tentative date of card and term
  3. Eligibility of student for card and term examination


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Head of Department

Prof.Dr.Shahin Mahmuda

Prof. & Head of the Department

Faculty Members

1 Momena Khatun Munna Associate Professor See Details
2 Dr. Shamima Nazneen Rupa Assistant Professor See Details
3 Dr. Md. Rakib Rashed Assistant Professor See Details
4 Dr. Nazia Nusrat Ria Assistant Professor See Details
5 Dr. Bedowra Begum Assistant Professor See Details
6 Dr Md. Jahirul Islam Shimul Lecturer See Details
7 SOHANA AFROZ Lecturer See Details
8 Dr. Effat Ara Lipi Lecturer See Details
9 Dr. Latifa Hosna Lecturer See Details
10 Sumayra Jhumu Lecturer See Details
11 Dr. Rumana Ferdous Medical Officer See Details