Department of Psychiatry


The department of psychiatry is providing services to mentally ill patients since long mostly on outpatient basis along with referred admitted patients from various departments. Various academic activities are also an integral part of the deeds of this unit.


  • Teaching & training of medical students (undergraduate & Post graduate) with supervision of research work by the postgraduate students.
  • Teaching & training of BSc in Nursing, Diploma in Nursing and BSc in Physiotherapy students.
  • Conducting examination and participating as examiners in different disciplines as proposed by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Participation in CME, seminars, workshops and Journal club.
  • Conducting research work in psychiatry.
  • Presentation of scientific papers in national and international congress.

Future plan

  • Initiation of In-patient department with separate male, female & child psychiatric unit.
  • Initiation of post-graduate course in psychiatry and psychotherapy.
  • To increase manpower viz. professor, associate professor, medical officer, registrar, assistant registrar, occupational therapist, councilor, psychiatric social worker.
  • To hold community mental health service.
  • Frequent meeting and discussion with the care givers and leaders of the society for breaking the social stigma and obtain their key opinion.
  • Initiation of the social rehabilitation services for the chronic psychiatric patients and homeless mentally ill patient.
  • Initiation of specialized services for the people having substance abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence and trauma following disasters.

Patient Profile 2021

  • Total               : 8378
  • New Patient : 1150
  • Old Patient : 7228
  • Male     :  5062
  • Female          : 3316


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Head of Department

Dr. Sheikh Md. Abu Hena Mostafa Alim

Asstt. Prof. & Head of the Department

Faculty Members