Department of Dermatology & Venereology


The department of Dermat- ology  & Vencreology  is one of  the  ancient  service   providing department of Rajshahi Medical College. Dermatology is a branch of Medicine deals with skin, nails, hair, and also sexually transmitted diseases. Our dignified teachers are committed to provide the best level of care of huge number of patients in the outdoor. This department has wide range of treatment facilites including both medical and surgical aspects. After inception, this department has good reputation for caring both undergraduate and post-graduate students. We also maintain interdepartmental relationship by the attending referral.


Central Presentation- Twice in a Year

Ongoing Research Activities:

“Identification of candida species among superficial candidial infections and their antifungal susceptibility in adult patients attending RMCH (in collaboration with Microbiology department of RMC)”

“FCPS Part II students do their research work as a part of their course.”

Weekly departmental meeting – Twice/Thrice in a week

Postgraduate Course : None but post graduate Gynaecology& Obstetrics residency course student placement for 1 month provided in every year.

Admission schedule: Every working day except Friday.

OT schedule– Biopsy & some dermatological procedures has been started from this year, PRP therapy has been started since end of last year.

Integrated teaching program: As allied subject Dermatology & Venereology perform integrated teaching programs with medicine department.

Weekly scientific presentation with journal presentation: Total six to seven scientific seminars in a year with occasional journal presentation.


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Head of Department

Dr. Md. Azraf Hossain khan

Associate Professor & Head of the Department

Faculty Members

1 DR.MD.MOSTAFIZUR RAHMAN Assistant Professor See Details